Warm up oven to 350f.


Course 1A

Place avocado on datil tart, along with blue crab. (No crab for vegetarian)

Toss watercress in provided dressing, then add to tart to finish.

We recommend having course 1A before 1B.

Course 1B

Use cassava chips for dip, enjoy okra with cured fish.

Enjoy course 1 with Beverage 1 or Wine 1.

We recommend drinking beverage 1 out of chilled martini glass, or chilled coupe.

Course 2

Warm up peppers stew (A) and chayote with conch/veggie stuffing (B).

In small bowl, place Cuban oregano leaf, then peppers stew, then stuffed chayote.

Squeeze lime over entire dish.

Enjoy with Beverage 2 or Wine 2.

For Beverage 2: place contents of beverage 2A over ice, in glass cup.

Then pour over contents of 2B over the blue tea, and enjoy the magic :)

Course 3

Place tile fish in preheated oven for 15 minutes.

Vegetarian menu: only 10 minutes for mushrooms.

Warm up callaloo greens (3B) and boniato (3C).

Plate together, and enjoy.

Pair with Beverage 3, or Wine 3.

For beverage 3, add contents of 3A to champagne flute or wine glass, then add contents of 3B.

Course 4

Place both duck preparations in preheated oven for 6 minutes.

Vegetarian, 6 minutes for mushrooms.

Pair with Beverage 4, or Wine 4.

Course 5

Enjoy :)