ALL DAY is a coffee shop in the Park West neighborhood of Miami. It is the passion project of owners Camila Ramos & Chris MacLeod.

“We wanted do something great for our area—to offer an warm & elegant place that reverberates positivity by way of great coffee, food and experiences. We want to serve as a hub for our community, a meeting place where you can trust that you’ll have a great time."


Camila has over 10 years in retail and hospitality with a focus on specialty coffee. She is an Eater Young Gun Award recipient: an accolade given to professionals in the hospitality industry who show a promising future. As a competitive barista, she was the 2014 South East Barista Champion and ranked 5th in 2014's United States Barista Championship.


Chris is the owner of the neighboring bar, The Corner, an icon in Miami's bar scene. He is also deeply committed to preserving historic buildings, and a neighborhood energy, in the area.