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Editor's Foreward


Coffee houses have historically been a place where the seeds of progress are sown.

Park West Paper is a periodical commissioned by ALL DAY in order to cultivate awareness beyond a mere food-and-beverage transaction, so to encourage a conscious and involved community. This publication puts into words what matters most to us, rooted in love for our city and its peoples. 

Visual and written contributions by local journalists speak to regional agriculture, social equity, and ecological sustainability; highlighting and archiving Miami's present-day activism and progress, while inspiring discourse and action.

We began developing this third volume in December 2019. Most written copy and photography were completed by February 2020 with intention to launch in the summer. As the world was shaken by Covid-19, and our restaurant uninsulated by its effects, we paused production until a better time came.  

Now, more than ever, we are honored to present this capsule that we have treasured for so many months.


The issue's theme is South Florida Ecology. Works include: an invasive species that severed Florida's connection to citrus; the planting of a million orchids in Miami; a tribute to our beloved wetlands; individuals and groups who are helping connect Miami to nature; and more.


Although the first two volumes were printed as part of our physical menu, this edition was designed digitally for the world as we find it in 2021.


I hope you savor it as much as we have.


Camila Ramos

Creative Director, Editor

James Jackman


Laura Childs Gill and Olivia McAuley

Copy Editors


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