Double Shot

A double shot of espresso, using Creamery blend by Ruby Roasters / 2 oz,  $3.25

& Milk

A double shot of espresso and your preferred amount of milk. Milk texture can be made wet, dry, or iced / 3 to 16 oz,  $3.55 to $5.85

alt milk; minor figures oat or house macadamia / +$1.5

add house syrups; natural cane +25¢, vanilla +50¢, lavender +$1

make triple or quad +$2


Or Water

A double shot and your preferred amount of water. Either hot or iced / 3 to 16 oz, $3.5



Cold brew and MUZ vermouth; made n.a. with Ghia / 16oz, $9


Royal Tea

Tea, lightly black tea and with a splash of macadamia, and infused with nitrogen for creamy texture. Coming soon.


Pour Over 

Japanese style, made-to-order drip coffee. Choose from one of our single origin selections from either Sey or Camber coffee roasters / 12 oz, $6


Hot Drip 

Classic drip, currently featuring Skyline blend from Camber Roasters / 12 or 16 oz, $3.75 or $4.5


Cold Brew

Our famous cold brew, using Creamery blend by Ruby Roasters, brewed at room temperature water and served black, or with milk / 16 oz, $5.5



An extra strength version of our cold brew using Camber, Big Joy blend. Served neat (cold, no ice) / 6, 12 or 16 oz, $5.5 to $9


Our Sweetheart

Our very first seasonal drink; a cold brew and rosemary limeade / 9 or 16 oz, $5.5 or $7.5 

Joe Went to Thailand 

House Thai iced coffee with xocolatl bitters / 16 oz, $6.25




Our house made chai, available as a tea or with milk. Hot or iced / 9 to 16 oz, $3.5 to $6.25


Kilogram ceremonial grade organic matcha, available as a tea or with milk.

Hot or iced / 9 to 16 oz, $7.5 to $12.5

AD Iced Tea & ADAP

Our house herbal infusion, served over ice / 16 oz, $4

Add homemade lemonade for our take on the Arnold Palmer / 16 oz, $5

Loose Leaf Tea

Jasmin Pearls, green, China, $4.75 

Iron Goddess of Mercy, oolong, China, $5.5

Yunnan Gold, black, China, $4

Vietnam Reserve, black, China $5.5

Herbal Tea

Chamomile, Egypt $3.25 

Rooibos, South Africa $3.25 


Orange Juice, house-squeezed / 8, 12, or 16 oz, $6 to $9.5

Meyer Lemonade, with Florida cane sugar / 16 oz, $6

A suggested automatic gratuity of 20% is added to all dine-in checks, and 15% to all take-away. Automatic gratuities are not mandatory, and can be changed upon request. 



Everything Bagel

Homemade from scratch, boiled, and baked fresh every day. If it's early enough, we recommend trying it untoasted. Cream cheese or butter, always on the side

/ $4.5 each, $24 per half dozen 


Our house croquetas are made with smoked ham, Gouda, mustard seed, Indian Pale Ale, and house-made Zak the Baker bread crumbs. They run on the larger size

/ $3.5 each, $17 per half dozen 


Home made, filled with black beans, plantains, cotija cheese, and pickled onions

$4 each, $20 per half dozen 

Blood Orange Morning Bun

Vietnamese cinnamon, Aperol / $6 each, $33 half dozen

Banana Bread

Banana, macadamia butter, spices. Vegan / $4 each, $30 per loaf (8 slices)


Buckwheat Cake

Homemade, with oats and buckwheat groats. Gluten-free / $4.5 each, $21 per half dozen

Florida Sunshine Pavlova

Vanilla bean meringue, local passionfruit curd, citrus supremes / $9 each 

Raw Chocolate Hazelnut Tart

Hazelnut crust, mylk chocolate filling, hazelnut caramel, and dark chocolate shards. Vegan, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free, made by Ana-Cacao / $7 per slice

Mamey Tart

Mamey and coconut filling, caramelized pecans and coconut crust, and our buckwheat and oat flour streusel. Vegan, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free, made by Ana-Cacao; contains cashew / $11 per slice




The Everyday* 

Two eggs your way, with bacon and buttered country loaf / $12

Upgrade bacon: Avocado, no charge / Florida-pork sage sausage, +$2 / Citrus-cured salmon, +$3

Upgrade starch: Multi-grain sourdough or homefries, no charge / House everything bagel, +$2 / French farms gems, +$2

Runny & Everything* 

Sunny up egg, Proper bacon, cheddar, lettuce, heirloom tomato, and garlic aioli on an Zak the Baker everything brioche bun / $12, add homefries +$3



Yolk-cracked marbled egg, house sage sausage, cheddar, and herb aioli, on a home-made english muffin. English muffin contains dairy / $13, add homefries +$3

Mushroom Country Toast

Dandelion pesto, ricotta, local mushrooms, parmesan, lemon zest  / $15, add poached egg +$3

Overnight Jasmine Oats

Stone-cut heirloom oats in jasmine pearls green tea and macadamia milk, pistachio streusel, papaya two ways, preserved meyer lemon / $14

French Toast*

Tres leches batter-soaked brioche, pecan butter, and maple syrup / $14, add berries +$3


Avocado Tartine

Avocados on avocado salad with pickled shallots and puffed grain, on country loaf / $12



Citrus-Cured Salmon Plate*

Faroe Islands Atlantic salmon, with a homemade everything bagel, cream cheese,

heirloom tomato, cucumber, onion, sunflower sprouts, and caper tapenade / $15



Crab Benedict*

Lump crab, leche de tigre hollandaise,

poached eggs, house English muffin / $27

Tokyo Grits

Carolina gourdseed coarse grits, 

oyster mushrooms, Japanese chili sauce,

pickled scallion, poached egg / $14

Huevos Rancheros* 

Blue corn tortilla, poblano-tomatillo salsa,

avocado, refried black beans,

cotija cheese, lime crema, sunny side up eggs, 

charred serrano / $15


Roasted Squash

Butternut, house coconut-labneh, endive,

salsa macha, dill / $12

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness​.

A suggested gratuity of 20% is added to all dine-in checks, and 15% to all take-away. Automatic gratuities are not mandatory, and can be changed upon request. 







Cava + freshly pressed orange juice / $10, $35

Phil'en Bulle, Pet Nat

Romorantin + Menu Pineau, Loire, France / $13, $50

Perpetuelle Premier Cru

Pinot Noir + Meunier, 2015, Champagne, France / $65


Les Quarterons

Sauvignon Blanc, 2018, Sancerre, France / $13, $50

Reisling, Swick

Reisling, 2019, Willamette Valley, Oregon / $12, $45

Graupert, Meinklang

Pinot Gris, 2018, Austria / $12, $45



Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, 2018,  Abruzzo, Italy / $11, $40


Uve de Vida, Biografico

Tempranillo, 2018, Spain / $11, $40

François de Nicolay Bourgogne

Pinot Noir, 2018, France / $15, $60


Vermouth, NV, Spain / $13




The Crisp, Six Point

Pilsner, Brooklyn, New York, 9 or 16 oz / $6 or $8

Wizard Wit, Barrel of Monks

Witbier, Boca Raton, Florida, 12 oz / $8

Life in the Clouds, Collective Arts

New England IPA, Hamilton, Ontario, 9 or 16 oz / $7 or $9


MIA Megamix Pale Ale / $6

Jdubb's Milk Chocolate Porter / $6

Original Sin Dry Pear Cider / $7

A suggested gratuity of 20% is added to all dine-in checks, and 15% to all take-away. Automatic gratuities are not mandatory, and can be changed upon request. 

Madison McClaren, executive chef

Valeria Vizoso, beverage director