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Florida Fresh Family Farms

Eggs and chicken from Wholesome Conversion farm in Weirsdale, Florida. Pork from Storage Ranch in Dunnelon, Florida.

Proper Sausage

Bacon from Miami, Florida.

Trigger Seafood

Snapper is from Key West, Florida. Salmon is from Faroe Island, North Atlantic, and designated sustainable by Monterey Bay Seafood Watch Program.

Bread + Grain


Anson Mills

Organic heirloom oats, grits, field peas, buckwheat flour, and oat flour from Columbia, South Carolina.


Blue corn tortillas from Miami Beach, Florida.

Zak the Baker

Brioche and country bread from Miami, Florida.



All American Citrus

Grapefruit from Miami, Florida.

Aloha Redland

Lemongrass from Redland, Florida.

French Farms

Gem lettuce from Homestead, Florida.

Gratitude Garden Organic Farm

Blue and yellow oyster mushrooms from Loxahatchee, Florida.

Health and Happiness Farm

Mamey from Redland, Florida.

Michael Borek Farms

Heirloom tomatoes and dandelion greens from Homestead, Florida.

Paradise Farms

Sage from Redland, Florida.

Sam Accursio and Sons Farms

Strawberries from Homestead, Florida.

Superior Superfoods

Sunflower sprouts, broccoli sprouts, and garlic sprouts from Miami, Florida.


Dakin Dairy

Whole milk from Myakka City, Florida.

Ruby Roasters

Espresso from Nelsonville, Wisconsin.


Hot drip, decaf, and single origins from Seattle, Washington.


Single origins from Brooklyn, New York.

Jojo Tea

Loose-leaf teas from Miami, Florida.

Kilogram Tea

Loose-leaf teas from Chicago, Illinois.

Natural Wine

We select sustainably produced wines, with organic principles and biodynamic practices, using only native yeasts, with minimal or no sulfates added.


From small, craft breweries.

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